ABOUT Arts & Above, is an interdisciplinary performing arts organization which creates and produces artistic expressions, and provides educational opportunities. The organization was formed in January of 2014 by artists Kate Jordan and Bruno Augusto. With the shared belief that art should reflect human experiences, be accessible to all people, and presented with the highest quality, Kate and Bruno united as Co-Founding Directors of Arts & Above. Arts & Above presents locally, as well as nationally and internationally. It’s productions deliberately collapse conventional boundaries through movement, objects, sounds, and texts, not for the sake of creating chaos, but to express specific moments in time and space. Arts & Above provides weekly movement classes, master classes, artistic residencies, and is developing an annual festival. Such interactions exist because Arts & Above is committed to an all-inclusive experience focused on the full artistic declaration of the individual. Arts & Above is honored to be the 2016-2017 Company in Residence at Downtown Dance Collective in Missoula, Montana

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